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(Chicago, Il) SamIam The MC is an independent HipHop artist, nationally acclaimed Freestyle MC/ active Battle rapper (Freestyle & Written), B-Boy & event promoter. Sam’s music reflects the 90’s “Golden Era” vibe of HipHop music with a current-yet futuristic twist of unique lyricism & wordplay. Sam has won major competitions such as B.E.T. Freestyle Friday 106 & Park Champion/Hall of Famer (2009), Finalist for MTV World Rap Championship for $1 Million (2009), Rhymespitters 4 All City Chicago Rap Champion (2007), 2008 Scribble Jam L.A. Pre-Lims runner up, Boom Bap vs Trap Battle Rap Champion (2016) and many more! SamIam The MC is a member of two widely known and well respected/long standing Chicago HipHop crews: SAK (Stars Are Kings) & Chi-Rock Chapter 4. Sam is also known for hosting monthly Open Mics, concerts & Rap Battles at some of Chicago's top venues such as Subterranean & Jerry's-Wicker Park.

"Subterranean Emcee Mixtape" collection of classic HipHop collaborations with some of Chicago's best Underground MCs & producers. Featuring: MCs: Rhymster, The Surge, Aztec Dinero, Mike Spex, Sonny Pocketts, P Dolla Jillz.... PRODUCERS: Henrik 3000 (Germany), Dreamtek (7oddz), Save One (7oddz), Mike Spex, P Dolla Jillz, Crown from Grim Reaperz & more!

The Surge & SamIam The MC - F*** Off


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